October 2016 - June 2017
Stories of oppression & resilience

Tuesday 25 October 2016
Councillor Dr Patricia Walker, Mayor of the London Borough of Ealing
Resilience in the Face of Homelessness in the Borough of Ealing

Through her Council work, Ealing’s Mayor, Dr Patricia Walker, has seen how detrimental homelessness is to our society. The causes of homelessness are myriad, complex and often interconnected, and Patricia will offer her insights into the mental and physical health issues that can lead to homelessness and its consequences for individuals and society as a whole. Councils are aware of the need to address prevention as well as offer care. Yet two-thirds of those who sleep rough in Ealing have no recourse to public funds in the form of welfare or housing benefit. Providing assistance, even for those in receipt of public funds, is increasingly challenging because of the shortage of suitable housing.
Patricia was first elected to Ealing Council as a Labour member in 2006, and served in the Shadow Cabinet with the portfolio for Children and Young People. In 2010 she won the seat of Acton Central and was appointed to the Cabinet, with the portfolios of Education, Public Health, and latterly Libraries and Leisure. She served as Deputy Mayor until becoming Mayor in May 2016.
As an experienced university lecturer in the field of comparative education, Patricia has taught in universities in the UK, Nigeria and Japan.  She has contributed to a number of books on education issues globally, published a wide range of research papers and conducted research, most recently in Ealing, for the British Council. In April this year she was made a Visiting Professor at UWL.

Tuesday 8 November 2016
Nick Duffell
Trauma, Abandonment & Privilege: Boarding School Oppression and Human Resilience

Nick Duffell has practiced psychotherapy for 30 years. His pioneering work on the psychological impact of boarding school has been featured in many articles, interviews and an acclaimed TV documentary. In 2006, he published Trauma, Abandonment and Privilege: A guide to therapeutic work with boarding school survivors. His 2014 follow-up, Wounded Leaders, had 200,000 shares on Facebook and has been widely praised.
Controversial and challenging to many key assumptions and values of British public life, Nick’s work questions whether boarding has equipped our political class to handle complex issues like Brexit. To promote an alternative perspective of identity, emotions, fear and vulnerability, issues that affect our public life but about which many commentators lack awareness, Nick now calls himself a psychohistorian.
Cost: £10 per person (concessions £5)

Ealing Abbey Church - 2 Marchwood Crescent, Ealing, W5 2DZ - View Map